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Raving Fan Referral

Refer a family to RCS and receive a tuition reward!

Any current RCS family with students in the K-12 program can refer a new K-12 student.

The referring family will receive a $500 tuition credit if the new student enrolls in RCS and attends classes for three consecutive months.

A current RCS family who refers a new preschool student to our program, and the new student attends for three consecutive months, the referring family will receive a $150 tuition credit.  This referral of a brand new family enrolling a student in RCS and does not apply to a student transferring, returning, or family who has previously had a student at RCS.

This is a one-time award for the current family per academic year.  This award will be applied directly to the tuition account. 

Submit your Raving Fan Referral Form with the new student enrollment packet submission confirmation(K-12) or enrollment form (preschool) to our office

Refer a K-12 family
Refer a Preschool family
$500 tuition credit $150 tuition credit

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