A preK-12th grade Christian education developing the whole child for the glory of God.

Time  &  Talent    

Rainier Christian Schools values modeling. A theme traced to the book of Proverbs shows lessons for children are more often caught than taught.  Modeling who we want our children to be is more powerful than merely telling them what we want. With that in mind, each family is required to volunteer 15 hours per year. Traditional ways to volunteer to support our annual events are always welcomed. However, the Lord knit individuals together according to His purposes.  Let us know about your talent by using the contact form below. Families who are unable to volunteer can exchange time for $25/hr or a total of $375 per year.

Report My Hours

Opt-Out: Exchange time for $25/hr

Time & Talent Guidelines

2021-2022 Term:
  - June 21, 2021 to June 15, 2022
  - 15 hours per K-12 family 
  - Billing for unfulfilled hours occurs at the end of June 2022

Participants: Any adult member of the family may participate, e.g., uncles, aunts, grandparents.

Background Check: We require WSP background checks for any adult member that would like to volunteer every year. You can pick up a copy of the application at the school office. Your application must be submitted in-person as we are required to verify and photocopy your state identification. 

Item Donation: In lieu of volunteering, donations of needed/requested supplies for the schools are accepted. Each $25 in value converts into one hour of volunteer service. Please do not drop off unsolicited items.

What Activities Count Toward Volunteer Hours?

Attend Board Meetings
Attend Booster Club Meetings
Board Member
Booster Club Events
Facilities Project Work
Fireworks Stand
Golf Tournament Support
Guest Lecturer
Photographer for Special Events

Purchasing Requested Supplies
PTF Officer
Room Parent
Stand Up Sunday
Shuttle Bus Driver to Events
Shuttle Fleet Maintenance
Spring Garage Sale
Substitute Teaching
Submit a Positive Review at Niche.com or Yelp.com
   (counted for 1/2 hour)

What Does Not Count Toward Hours?

Parent-Teacher Conferences
Middle School/High School Student's Community Service Hours
Attending Concerts/Performances/Athletic Events
Auction Donation/Item Purchase from the Auction/Auction Sponsorship
Fun Run Donation/Athletic Fundraiser/Senior Trip Donation or General Fundraiser
Donating Used Clothes and Books
Double Dipping-Expecting Contribution to Apply Toward Hours Without Prior Approval

How To Report And Check My Hours?

Please visit the school's front office to sign in or CLICK HERE for online submission.
To check the hours, please log into Family Portal, click Family, then Family Home.

Contact Form for Time and Talent Options

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