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Time  &  Talent    

Rainier Christian Schools values modeling. A theme traced to the book of Proverbs shows lessons for children are more often caught than taught.  Modeling who we want our children to be is more powerful than merely telling them what we want. With that in mind, each family is required to volunteer 15 hours per year. Traditional ways to volunteer to support our annual events are always welcomed. However, the Lord knit individuals together according to His purposes.  Let us know about your talent by using the contact form below. Families who are unable to volunteer can exchange time for $25/hr or a total of $375 per year.Report My Hours

Exchange time for $25/hr

Time & Talent Guidelines

For the 2020-2021 school year, volunteer hours begin June 15, 2020, and end June 18, 2021.

Any adult member of the family may participate, e.g., uncles, aunts, grandparents.

In lieu of volunteering, donations of needed/requested supplies for the schools are accepted. Each $25 in value converts into one hour of volunteer service. Please do not drop off unsolicited items.

Families with children at different campuses select how to divide the 15 hours.

Billing for unfulfilled hours occurs at the end of June 2021.

What Activities Count Toward Volunteer Hours?

Support to the school, staff, teachers, committees, special events, and field trips


  •     Attend Booster Club Meetings
  •     Attend Open House
  •     Board Member
  •     Chapel Speaker
  •     Digital Marketing Support
  •     Facilities Project Work, flooring, painting, plumbing, etc.
  •     Fireworks Stand Support, June 29- July 4th! 
  •     Golf Tournament Support, Third Saturday in September, Washington National Golf Course
  •     Graphic Art-Photoshop, Signage
  •     Grounds/Landscaping
  •     Guest Lecturer
  •     Photographer for Special Events
  •     PTF Officer
  •     Room Parent
  •     Spanish Translation Services
  •     Shuttle Bus Driver to Events/Athletic Contests
  •     Shuttle Fleet Maintenance
  •     Volunteer with Annual Auction

What Does Not Count Toward Hours?

  • Parent Teacher Conferences
  • Attending Concerts/Performances/Athletic Events
  • Auction Donation/ItemPurchase from the /Auction/Auction Sponsorship
  • Double Dipping-Expecting Contribution to Apply Toward Hours Without Prior Approval

How Are Hours Tracked?

Please visit the school's front office to sign in or CLICK HERE for online submission.

Contact Form for Time and Talent Options

Pick a date
Pick a date