A preK-12th grade Christian education developing the whole child for the glory of God.


Christian Enterprises was formed in 1963 as a result of concerned pastors and interested parents with the intent of establishing a Christian school. Maple Valley Christian School was the result, with the school’s first home being the Tahoma Assembly of God (now Generational Hope). The school rented other facilities until 1967.

One of the board members knew of a government site that he had worked on in the mid-50’s and was able to get some information on its possible closure. This was a Nike missile base off of Lake Desire (our current site). After visiting the site and even walking the perimeter and praying for guidance they were able to gain contact with an army officer who was in the process of closing the offices. (These walks are the forerunners to our current prayer walks!)

The school was able to lease the property from the government for several years. In 1972 the government surplussed the property and Christian Enterprises was able to purchase almost 8 acres of the 53 acre site. This included the buildings which comprised the living quarters for the soldiers. The school was serving students pre-school through 11th grade by this time.

Hallways running the length of the classroom buildings, posts in the middle of the gym (old mess hall), heating systems that needed constant care, etc. did not deter these parents from seeing their children receive the Christ centered education they desired for their students. Each year improvements have been made with building remodels, landscaping improvements, playground renovations, paving, etc.

The formation of the district facilitated the creation of our middle school, Rainier (Formerly Covington) Christian Middle School, and Rainier Christian High School, RCHS.  RCHS opened during the 2004-05 school year and absorbed students from Kent View Christian High School which closed in 2004. Our growing district has allowed us to continue expanding our programs, a particular blessing as we seek to meet the needs of a burgeoning demand for Christian education at the elementary, middle, and high school levels.

A Christ Centered Education

Ultimately, the school programs are designed to educate and develop each student for the glory of God! This is done by encouraging and strengthening each student’s personal relationship to Jesus Christ. Furthermore, the educational focus integrates God’s Word into all aspects of the learning experience. Rainier Christian Schools does not stress any specific denominational teachings, but we do strive to emphasize a biblical foundation in all curriculum and programs. In addition to Bible instruction within the classroom, students participate in regular chapel programs, ministry outreach, and short-term missions.

Our commitment to educating students in a Christ-centered environment is whole-hearted. We are fully supportive of uniting the efforts between the home and school to train up the child to be the man or woman that God has called them to be. We strive to nurture a Christian worldview so that each child can become a true servant-leader, impacting the world for Christ through the family, church, work, and world around them.

Our teachers, staff, and administrators are dedicated to an outstanding educational experience. Their commitment to the ministry of Rainier Christian Schools is evident in their service to the children and families of our district. They “let the little children come to Jesus, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.” (Matt 19:14).