A preK-12th grade Christian education developing the whole child for the glory of God.

The heartbeat of teaching and learning flows from our Christian staff members.  As dedicated professionals, they aim for excellence and integrate a Biblical worldview throughout our instructional program. Our staff members know Jesus Christ personally. The implication of a personal relationship with Christ creates a culture that is set apart for the glory of God and the well being of children. Purposeful service projects to the local and global community drive our outreach efforts, and a weekly chapel service inspires and encourages our students.

Preschool (Two campuses)

The Rainier Christian Schools' preschool program is built around a caring and nurturing staff. Our curriculum for one-year old students through junior kindergarten prepares students to exceed the WAKids standards for literacy, numeracy, social, emotional, and physical skills. This resource is a building block to prepare our students for continued success in our elementary schools. Bible stories and Christian character traits are integrated into circle and story times, celebrated during weekly chapel, and modeled by the staff.

Elementary, K-6 (Two campuses)

Our elementary schools instructional materials are driven by content standards for core and elective classes. The most important resource in the classroom is the teacher. All RCS staff members know Christ and are committed to grow in their relationship with Him and model that growth before their student. Students are also encouraged to develop their leadership skills during the daily opening and devotional time.  All students and staff participate in a weekly chapel and worship service. Electives classes for elementary students include physical education, computers, band, and orchestra.

Middle School, 7-8 (One campus)

Middle school students follow a comprehensive core curriculum of mathematics, science, English, Social Studies, Physical Education, and Bible.  In addition to academics, students can participate in our competitive sports program for soccer or football, volleyball, basketball, softball, and baseball.  Elective courses or clubs include band, orchestra, choir, yearbook, art, Maker Space, and speech and debate.

High School 9-12 (One campus)

2023-2024 HS Course Offerings 

Our school programs are designed to educate and develop each student for the glory of God! This is done by encouraging and strengthening each student's personal relationship to Jesus Christ. Furthermore, the educational focus integrates God's Word into all aspects of the learning experience. Rainier Christian Schools does not stress any specific denominational teachings, but we do strive to emphasize a biblical foundation in all curriculum and programs. In addition to Bible instruction within the classroom, students participate in regular chapel programs, and ministry outreach.

The daily schedule incorporates seven class periods which allows up to seven credits to be earned each school year. More can be earned with optional Zero Hour classes, Computer Lab courses via a 7th Period offering, an off-campus 8th Period option, or approved internships.   

In addition to our state approved core classes offered on the RCHS campus, we recognize the growing need for students to begin to accumulate college credit in advance. With the rigor of college and the pull to complete as many college credits as possible before high school graduation, RCHS offers classes that can apply to college credit! This is a great option because your student will be able to enjoy the blessings of high school such as athletics & student life, and reduce college related expenses.

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